You are expected to make others smile! Huh?

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If you are on Spiritual path ,then definitely you are a Sensitive Person.








Ohh God How do I put smile on others face when I don’t have any reason to smile for myself?

Don’t you think this is crap, A COMPLETE CRAP!

You are thirsty and you are expected to provide water to other people! Really?How?

If you had water to drink for yourself then only you can provide it to others. Does that make sense?

But based on the crap we keep on hearing, we give away whatever little water we have for ourselves and die of thirst! When we do this and are thirsty,then we start expecting other people to make us Happy!   Ugghh….

They are not happy and you are not happy and trying to make each other HAPPY!!!  Hilarious,isn’t it?

We wonder what’s missing in our lives and why we are not happy ?

Are you doing everything to make others happy?


Nobody is happy with you and You are most unhappy!

Is there a Magic Bullet to it?


                YES A BIG YES!!!


Be Happy and everyone around you gets affected by it and become happy 😀

Easier said than done Smita!!! 

I have so many problems in life, nobody understands. I am in unique situation and its sooo difficult to be happy!

I have relationship problems/health issues/financial issues………… etc. etc.etc.”

My dear friend Happiness is a state of your being and is not dependent on your difficulties.

To illustrate this point ,here is an exercise for you…


Sit in a quiet corner , close your eyes and take  few deep breaths through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

The trick is to open your mouth wide during exhale and imagine all stress leaving your body.

(don’t open your eyes throughout this exercise)

Once  you feel relaxed, Ask inside of yourself “What can I do today to bring happiness to me?”

And Listen to your inner voice…….

Its very gentle voice and you might hear anything….

You might hear ”go and have fun” or “have dinner out” or “have a head massage” ….. 😀

Anything is possible!

Make sure to do it and see what happens!

Just reading this post will not change anything in your life!

You need to experience it first hand to make any change in your life!

The choice is YOURS ,

Either you will just read this post and increase your knowledge  database


practically do it and be happy with lots of beautiful smiles and laughter in your life!

Would love your inputs after you have experienced the beauty……

To lots and lots of smiles and laughter in your life……






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