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Have you always known that you were different than others? People always appreciated how strong you were? You are a natural giver and think about other’s pain before yours? Have you wondered why the life is full of challenges for you whereas other’s don’t have to face the same?Why you are the one always target of other people’s jealousy?

Well the answer is SIMPLE- there are only 15-20% Sensitive people and are surrounded by almost 80% not so sensitive people! How can you expect them to understand you ,when their conscious level is not same as yours? Moreover what works for them, can’t work for you and you need  someone who has been there and done it and who is very similar to you!

I have had my Hero’s Journey and my own share of big and small challenges and learned my way through that! To read about it please read Meet Smita

You are special and amazing, do you know that?

Why you should work with me?

If you are on  my website and checking my programs, then you must have seen quite a few challenges in life . I applaud your journey and can understand your pain but want to congratulate you for coming so far! It was not easy but you have done it! Don’t underestimate your achievements and don’t go by what others think about your achievements. You have done well!

As a Guided Coach, healer, Clairvoyant and channel, I look at your energy blocks,mind,  body and all aspects of your life as an interconnected whole.

From a year long intensive coaching program designed to invigorate you and your relationships, to personal VIP coaching – My Coaching offers different levels of coaching, consulting, and training for sensitive and independent people. And these programs are designed to help anyone from the person who has not yet started meditation, to those who are at spiritual level.

These coaching programs are designed to help you step out of your painful past, implement energy up gradation strategies that will attract your ideal community, and break through the blocks and barriers holding you back from stepping into a bigger vision of you.




The VIP One Day Intensive is about helping you to create a clear  and a bold vision of your fun filled life, to bring your unique gifts to the world in a BIG way and to dramatically increase the difference you are here to make… while enjoying every aspect of your life.

YOU will understand…

  • How to celebrate your uniqueness
  • How to stop your mind when you want to relax
  • How to stop pleasing people
  • How to increase your energy to attract fulfilling relationships

As a busy professional  with limited time, sometimes you just need 1 session to get answers to your pressing questions. How about a Lifestyle Intensive where we dig deep and clear away where you feel stuck in your lifestyle and happiness so you can move forward.


>> CLICK, 1 Day Intensive for Emotional Freedom

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Unique service that transforms your life in 90 days, to have mental peace by coming out of painful memories of the past, have beautiful and fulfilling relationships without sacrificing yourself in the process.


YOU will discover…

  • How to let go of painful past memories
  • How to take out time to do what you love doing
  • How to put yourself first
  • How to communicate without the fear of rejection

ADD-ON: Guided Meditations experience recordings to help you enjoy life every single moment, designed to boost your confidence in the relationships. Informative, deep and transformative — A happy lifestyle awaits YOU… if YOU ARE ready to take charge of your life and become your Ideal Self!

>>  IF You Are Ready to Reclaim your joy  Coming Soon……






This is VIP Premium Coaching Program for minimum 6 months to one year hand holding where I will literally hold your hand and sail you through to life full of love ,joy and passion.


YOU will  …….

  • Feel Loved ,sense of belonging and have confidence in relationships
  • Communicate your feelings without the fear of being misunderstood
  • Learn to say No to others without feeling guilty
  • Decrease negative relationships

Starting with day 1 & 2 of your Session Focus will be to relax, laugh, and just BE YOU.

This is application based coaching program only.

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