What Kind of People Are You Surrounded With?

Please note that I write for Sensitive People only and if this is a first time you are reading my post and don’t know if you are sensitive or not-You can find out by clicking on the link below .

If you are on Spiritual path ,then definitely you are a Sensitive Person.



This story goes back almost 18 years or so, but I am being Guided to share this with you now!


I used to take my son for swimming lessons during Summer Holidays in their School swimming pool. I used to wait for my son , reading books to pass the time.

One day, as I settled down with a book I found a lady approaching me and asking if she could chat with me? I nodded without speaking as this was nothing unusual for me.( Ever since I was a kid I have had people coming up to me and seeking help or making connections, people have shared their deepest secrets with me, even when they did not know me)

In cases like this, it never occurs to me to ask their names for some reason so, I don’t know her name till date but it’s not important, what’s important is the fact that you need to know this story, as this might be true for you!


After she sat down beside me,her opening statement was something like this:” I know we don’t know each other but I had a very strong pull towards you since I saw you the very first day of the lessons. I was resisting but I could not resist it any longer and I need to share my problem with you! I know it sounds weird but……”

Then she paused and looked at me embarrassingly. I assured her that there was nothing weird as I was used to of that!

She became comfortable and told me about how rich her parents were. She had only one brother and no other sibling and she had inherited a huge amount of wealth from her grandparents too.

Now her version of the story goes  something like this (I don’t remember word to word but you will get the gist of it)

She:  “You know I am married to a man who is below my status and who is not at all suitable for a rich and beautiful woman like me!

Me: Were you forced into this marriage?

She: No, my parents told me that he was a nice guy and that’s  what is needed in a marriage!

Me: Of course! They are right because you marry a person and not his status!

I got a blast from her! She lost her temper ( I believe she thought me to be most stupid person alive on this planet! 🙂 )

She: You don’t understand, do you? Neither my parents understand! They don’t have to live there I do! Everybody says that I am such rich and beautiful and I can get anybody I want and I don’t have to be tolerating my husband.

Me: Everybody? Precisely who is telling you such things?

She: All my friends! You know I have very good friends who love me lots!

Her voice of full of pride!

Me: Does your husband stop you from doing anything?

She  said angrily: How can he, when the money is mine?

For the life of me I could not understand back then, what was the issue? When she is not stopped to do anything on her own, then she can definitely upgrade her status.

Then to my horror I realized the truth! My bulb went on and I was shaking literally because I knew what path she was going. She had repeated several times about her wealth and her friends being very good to her whereas her friends were using her! Her friends were encouraging her to go for Divorce by telling her stories about how lucky her husband was to have her! The truth was just the reverse!

I asked her several questions about her husband and her treatment towards him and was further horrified to realize that it was she who was ill treating her husband under the influence of her so called friends!

On further probing I came to know that she had given several Laks INR ( Several thousand USD) to her 6 friends in the name of helping them OR We can say that her friends had fooled her and taken money from her!

I wanted to help her but realized that I needed time and she was not ready to hear the truth about her friends. I became desperate when I realized that kids were coming out of swimming pool!

I had to do something drastic as- “Drastic situations demand Drastic Measures!”

I looked her in the eye and asked her if she trusted me and would do something without asking any questions?

I further told her that since she came to me for help, she had got nothing to lose, only to gain if she gets the solution to her problems!

She agreed but was in for a shock, when I told her what she was expected to do that very same day!

She was in great dilemma,  that I could see, so I told her if that did not work, then it would all be my fault and I would take the responsibility!

At that point, we needed to leave as our kids were out and there was no scope for further conversation. I was not very sure if she would do as I had asked her to do,


Even before I could get myself settled, I saw her come running towards me and hugging me ,with tears streaming down her face! I tried to calm her down but I kept hearing Thanks!

According to my instructions she had called her friends, one by one, and told them this story and asked for help. She told them that her husband had decided to divorce her and her parents were also standing by him and had decided to disown her.

Now she had no money and no place to go hence she needed their help financially.

 These so called friends, not only were they rude to her, they disconnected the call.

 Everyone of them not only refused the help but stopped picking her phone afterwards!


She sobbingly told me that she had done what I had asked her to do ,once she realized that I was right about her friends.

She had asked for forgiveness of her husband and told him everything and being a nice person that he was, he not only forgave her but told her to forget everything and start a new beginning.

She was shaking with the thought  ”What if this story was for real? What would have happened to me?”



I have a question for you!

Look around you and see what kind of people are you surrounded with?

If you want to be happy and Successful but are hanging around with wrong people-

Its like trying to run marathon with both legs tied with iron chains!


Mind you-I am using the word successful not “Rich”

I have seen most of the amazingly Rich people lonely and unloved and surrounded with people who are not friends but people who soothe their egos!

All my posts are geared towards creating awareness about what’s happening in your lives.

 Without awareness,action can not be take towards what you are seeking!

Would love to hear from you and your experiences!




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