Meet Smita

 I  Activate the Self-Love Meter of  Sensitive and Independent Sensitive people to bring them out of painful past,  loneliness , feeling of being unloved and have inability to say “NO” to others so that they can have mental peace,love,joy and passion,which has been missing from their lives!


I am passionate about educating sensitive,independent people,the power of Self-Love and its application to living life full of love,joy and passion.

Who are my Soul Clients?

YOU Sensitive Independent Souls,who have seen success in your professional lives and are extremely dynamic and strong individuals,who are pillar of strength for others BUT extremely lonely and vulnerable inside!

It drives me crazy that so many of  talented,creative,strong,independent,sensitive people lose confidence because they are vulnerable and unable to hurt others and yet they are lonely with no mental peace and joy in their lives. The result is that their brilliance gets lost!

When I think of helping these talented sensitive people find self-love-that will allow them to find abundance of love for them,mental peace,joy of beautiful fulfilling relationships with others-it gives me great joy.

Ever since I can remember,I have been called a very strong individual,a highly optimistic person.My father who was psychic and highly clairvoyant once told me(when I was quite young) that he was afraid of my optimism and the ability to see positive in every negative or adverse circumstances.He feared that ‘life’ would test me for my optimism!

He was right! I have survived paralytic attack twice, loss of her loved ones at early age,18 years of unhappy marriage ,financial crisis, Last stage Cancer, Near Death Experience and phases of spirituality so fast that it was difficult to cope most of the times.(uplevelling every week almost).

When people ask about my story its difficult and honestly I don’t know what to tell – Not because it’s painful BUT because I don’t feel connected to it at all.

It’s not in my current reality as if it all happened to someone else and that’s why It’s difficult for people  to believe that I have seen any hardships in my life.

Here is an interview of mine by Purpose Rockstar




                                Defining Moment Of My Life


‘Women Leaders In India 2011’ 8th-9th December 2011 when I realized something was wrong with me.




Reborn January 2012                                 March 2013 Hit Rock Bottom of Self confidence

Said ‘YES’ to my highest calling


                                Cancer was the best thing which happened to me!
















Today my alignment is complete but evolution into Higher realm continues…!

Connect with me for a “Activate Your Self-Love Meter” Session!

        And walk away with:

  1. Meeting the person who understands your journey-that’s me of course! :)Understanding and clarity about your painful past.
  2. Clarity about why you are not able to say NO and how it’s affecting all areas of your life.
  3. Action steps to instantly feel love for yourself
  4. Not only this, you will get gift of Guided meditation recording( in my voice) to experience self love! This is a powerful meditation which up till now has been available to my private clients only.

What are you waiting for?

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“One word to define Smita, She is “outstanding”. First of all, I would like to thanks Smita for giving me training on personality development. I really feel blessed for being taught by her.During the tenure of my training, I started noticing change in myself. My thought process and my approach to see the things differently and my mindset were the key things that has really improved.

The best part of her  training is , every statement she makes deserves billion bucks and is worth to change one’s life and can make them successful. Now, it is one’s ability to collect/gain whatever they can from the unlimited knowledge she posses. ”

-Muneeb HR Manager, Hyderabad


“My life used to get wasted because of my low confidence. I never used to do what I liked just because I was afraid that what people  would think about me.After this session I’ve started believing in  myself n I do that things which I wanna do now. My life has  started seeming beautiful to me.I feel like I’ve wasted some part of  my life in fear of what others would say,but now I’ve started living  my life to the fullest. I’ve started gaining control over my anger.

The entire course is unique.I am literally thankful to Smita Ma’am that she has helped me to find out myself because it was all because of her what I am today. If she wouldn’t have been there for  me then I would have been like lost soul. I would be happy, actually excited to introduce her to others.Its she who make things  unique.

Thank you so very much.. Thank you.!!”

-Shruti Singh, Medical Student, Mumbai