Is This You?

Do you want to  . . .


  • Feel loved ,sense of belonging and have confidence in relationships BUT feel Nobody understands you or Nobody loves you?
  • Experience happiness, inner joy and peace of mind BUT feel deep loneliness, which keeps you awake at nights?
  • Have fulfilling relationships ,Attain a more profound understanding of who you really are and value yourself BUT feel fear of rejection when it comes to finding your dream partner?
  • A craving for mental peace  BUT  you  are unable to control your thoughts and difficult memories?
  • Want to experience love and passion BUT can’t control the longing to “run away” from your life, move to a different town and “start over,” without all the baggage?
  • Have your own community of caring people BUT Deeply hurt by others comments?
  • Communicate your feelings  BUT have the inability to share your innermost feelings to others because of fear of being misunderstood?
  • Learn to say No to others if it’s not in your highest good BUT feel stressed that you are not able to say No to others without feeling guilty?
  • Feel confident about speaking your Truth , without worrying about what others think BUT unable to fully be yourself in your job because your co-workers don’t share your values or vision?
  • Live with an attitude of contentment instead of struggle BUT  become angry and anxious when things don’t go your way?
  • Accept yourself and your circumstances fully and feel “in harmony” no matter what you’re doing from moment to moment BUT feel guilty when you make mistakes, Disappointed with self and people in your life ,when you and others are not able to perform as per your expectation?

 I  Activate the Self-Love Meter of  Sensitive and Independent Sensitive people to bring them out of painful past,  loneliness , feeling of being unloved and have inability to say “NO” to other so that they can have mental peace,love,joy and passion,which has been missing from their lives!

Connect with me for a “Activate Your Self-Love Meter” Session!

        And walk away with:

  1. Meeting the person who understands your journey-that’s me of course! :)Understanding and clarity about your painful past.
  2. Clarity about why you are not able to say NO and how it’s affecting all areas of your life.
  3. Action steps to instantly feel love for yourself
  4. Not only this, you will get gift of Guided meditation recording( in my voice) to experience self love! This is a powerful meditation which up till now has been available to my private clients only.

What are you waiting for?

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“I met Smita in a workshop and she is one of the most inspiring person I have ever met. The level of understanding and knowing anybody is above all.

I am a life coach myself but sometimes even a life coach needs coaching too. Even after a lot of efforts, I couldn’t find anybody with such positivity and ability to guide you that you yourself will be able to find solutions. She taught me such techniques to know about myself, about my energy & most important….

“Being Varun Arora”.

Thank you very much for your guidance and support. God bless you!

Varun Arora