Ask And You Shall Receive!/ Tathastu!

Please note that I write for Sensitive People only and if this is a first time you are reading my post and don’t know if you are sensitive or not-You can find out by clicking on the link below .

If you are on Spiritual path ,then definitely you are a Sensitive Person.



In my interaction with hundreds of people I always ask them this question:-

What do You want?


Here are the answers I get:-

  • I am not happy Smita , I don’t like the way my life is.
  • I am lonely.
  • Nobody understand me!
  • I am always misunderstood
  • My boss is terrible and it’s difficult to work and progress .
  • You know how it’s like with office politics. People are always waiting for you to fall flat on your face!
  • I don’t have money and it’s difficult to survive.
  • My spouse doesn’t love me and I don’t like going back home.
  • I am always cheated by people.
  • People always criticize me!
  • No matter how hard I try, people around me are never happy.
  • I feel frustrated!
  • I am over burdened by responsibilities and yet people still have so much expectations from me…
  • Nobody loves me and needs me, they need only the comfort my money provides.
  • Sometimes I am so depressed that I have even thought about taking my life…
  • I am a coach/leader/ change maker and making a difference in other’s lives and here I am extremely lonely…..
  • People think I am strong and have everything going for me, how do I tell anyone that I am not Happy !
  • Every time I am trying to do something new, people discourage me and warn me that It would be risky.
  • People always take advantage of me because I am not able to say ”NO”!

Etc., etc.

Does that sound familiar?

I can almost hear you say  a BIG “YES”!



What was the question I asked?

Scroll up and see the question I asked!




Yeah, You are right! I asked you – What do you want?

What replies did I get?

All the things which you don’t want. Right?

Let’s imagine a scenario that you have gone out for a dinner and order the dishes which you like.

What is going to happen? Of course you are going to get the dishes you ordered. Right?

Or do they force you to eat things which you did not order?

That’s what happens when you are thinking about the things ,which you don’t want in life-

God listens to your thoughts and gives you exactly what you are thinking.

(I am using the word God for that supreme power, which you believe in different ways- Allah, Christ, Universe or any names of God You believe in) Tathastu तथास्तु is Sanskrit word, means “so let it be” or “amen”

Here is how conversation between you and God takes place

You :- I am not happy.

God:- Done! /Tathastu! You should not be happy!

You: – Nobody loves me.

God:- Done! /Tathastu! Nobody should love you!

You:- Everyone cheats me.

God : – Done! /Tathastu! You should get more people who cheat you!

Do you need more examples?

God: Done! /Tathastu!  you should become more lonely.Your boss should me more terrible. You should not have any money. Etc. etc.

🙂  🙂    🙂

Oh Noooooooooooooo I don’t want this! Then , my dear friend ,what do you want?

God does not discriminate and is loving to all and always ready to fulfil your wish.

God says  ”I am always granting you whatever you are asking and yet you say that I don’t listen to you! I am always attentive to your every need and perfectly tuned to your thoughts, because I love you and I want you to be happy and yet you are not happy. Pay attention to your thoughts and the words which you speak as a result of those thoughts, because whatever you will ask I will grant it”

Can you see what is happening in your  life?

As I earlier gave example of ordering food, you get what you order, don’t you?

Now, you might be wondering- ok Smita got that! Tell me what’s the right way of asking for the things I want!

  • Make a list of all things you want!(it’s not going to be easy but do it its very fulfilling)
  • Change your sentences to – I want fulfilling relationships.( your mind is going to shriek here and interfere here with lots of “How’s”. 🙂  Inspite of interference do it. Don’t worry about how,it’s not your job)
  • I want people around me who value relationships and have same high standards as mine or better.
  • I want a job which values my sincerity and honours me the way I honour my work.
  • Don’t say “I want money” nothing will happen. Money is just a tool to get you things which you desire. If I  lock you up with millions, will you be able to enjoy it? You need money to enjoy the things which you want.State what you want from the money you are looking for. Travel around the world, car, house etc.
  • I want to experience love and fulfillment in my life.
  • Be aware of your thoughts continuously and you will realize exactly what’s going on in your life and why wrong people are entering your life and why you are feeling lonely.

Remember,even God can’t change your life if you don’t take action!

Either you are going to read this and take action and change your life and live a life of miracles


You will move on with another post and forget it.

When I say life of miracles-it does not meant you will not come across hardships but you will be upgrading everyday when you will experience the power of your thoughts.

Read my earlier post on how your thoughts are transmuted.

Would love to hear from you so please comment below and let me know what you think.

To lots of happiness and smiles in your life!

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