Activate Your Self-Love Meter

Do you ever feel . . .

  • Nobody understands you?
  • Nobody loves you?
  • Deep loneliness, which keeps you awake at nights?
  • A longing to find the right relationship or a deeper level of intimacy with your current partner, but something always seems to keep it out of reach?
  • A craving for mental peace but are you unable to control your thoughts?
  • Deeply hurt by others comments?
  • Inability to share your innermost feelings to others?
  • Stressed that you are not able to say No to others?
  • Fear of rejection when it comes to finding your dream partner?
  • Unable to fully be yourself in your job because your co-workers don’t share your values or vision?
  • Angry and anxious when things don’t go your way?
  • That your gifts and talents are under-expressed or still hidden inside you?
  • Disengaged from life, with a chronic low-grade depression regardless of what you do to try to lift your spirits?
  • Alone even when you’re with others or participating in community activities, despite trying to connect with people?
  • A longing to “run away” from your life, move to a different town and “start over,” without all the baggage and difficult memories?
  • Disappointed with self and people in your life ,when you and others are not able to perform as per your expectation?

You’re not the only one who feels that way

Billions of  sensitive people have felt the same frustrations about life you’re feeling right now.

According to Mayan Calendar 2012 was the end and it did end. People are hardly living ,they are moving in their physical form. In fact, at this very moment, millions of people like you are searching for ways to align themselves with a higher calling and a deeper purpose.

Some say it’s a global awakening on a scale we’ve never seen.

And the reason is simple:

Your struggles to gain happiness and fulfilment are not your fault. We were simply never trained on how to live our daily lives with meaning and purpose. We have always been fed up with lot of crap/garbage about how we should live our lives.

We’ve all been trying to solve the wrong problems and focusing too much of our attention on things that will never make us feel happy and fulfilled.

We’ve been trying to get mental peace, fulfilment, the better job, the better partner, the better lifestyle, the better town, all of it . . . without realizing that those things will not come your way without loving yourself and increasing your energies. You need to have same  high energies when it comes to creating a life that is the full expression of your truest self.

When you live as that expression, every aspect of your life will naturally come to reflect what you most care about and are drawn to, in wonderfully fulfilling ways.

And when you align your day-to-day actions with your soul, life will provide you with everything you could possibly want . . . and, even more importantly, everything you need.


When you’re living as your truest self, you’ll be able to . . .

  • Feel Loved ,sense of belonging and have confidence in relationships.
  • Experience happiness, inner joy and peace of mind.
  • Have your own community of caring people.
  • Communicate your feelings without the fear of being misunderstood.
  • Control your thoughts and past will no longer haunt you.
  • Attain a more profound understanding of who you really are and value yourself .
  • Have fulfilling relationships.
  • Learn to say No to others if it’s not in your highest good, without feeling guilty.
  • Feel confident about speaking your Truth , without worrying about what others think.
  • Live with an attitude of contentment instead of struggle, when things don’t go your way.
  • No longer feel guilty when you make mistakes.
  • Accept yourself and your circumstances fully and feel “in harmony” no matter what you’re doing from moment to moment
  • Infect everyone who comes near you with a sudden sense of joy and aliveness.



 “The 6 Keys To Discovering & Living Your Life Full Of Love And Happiness”

 Activation Key #1: Accepting Your Uniqueness       file0001338101442                                    

  • Understanding why “You Are Unique”.
  • Discovering yourself is a beautiful experience.
  • Discover a perspective that infuses every moment with purpose and potential no matter how “ordinary” the moment may seem to be.
  • How to know when you’re holding a belief that doesn’t serve you—and might even be harming you—and how to instantly shift it.
  • How to rely on your strengths and come out of any situations.
  • How to take help from others without losing courage.


Activation Key #2: Coming Out Of Your Past

  • Discover why it’s crucial to control your highly imaginative mind.P1030556
  • Discover why most spiritual people struggle with manifestation even though they meditate.
  • How to communicate with your mind and making it your biggest tool for Mental peace.
  • How to break free from past, by breaking the resistance, and instead embrace higher ways of being for a new era.
  • How to stop trying to control people and circumstances and be anxiety free.
  • How to accept yourself and others.
  • How to forgive people and why forgiveness is necessary for your mental peace.
  • How to have an appetite for celebration—training your mind to new beliefs.
  • How to consistently develop in the most important areas of your life, motivated not by guilt or obligation, but by gratitude and an abiding zest for life.


       Activation Key #3:Activation Of Self Love

  • Discover what is Self Love? Misconceptions about Self Love.Busy Bee
  • What happens when you don’t love yourself.
  • Why Self Love is necessary for attracting right kind of people & circumstances in your life.
  • How Power of choices create the life we want.
  • How Self Love brings confidence in relationships.
  • Discover why without Self Love optimal health, wealth, fulfilling relationships and connection to the creator is not possible.



 Activation Key #4: Learning To Say NO                                                                 dancing1

  • Discover why Self Sacrificing Schema is present in sensitive people.
  • Understand the underlying causes for your inability to say NO
  • Learn not to let it affect you what others think and feel.
  • Learn why it is extremely necessary to set boundaries for yourself and others.
  • Learn to take out time to do what you want to do for your happiness.






 Activation Key #5:  Money,Self -Love and Happiness

  • Discover the truth about the roles of Mind ,Body and Soul.DSC03525-B
  • Understand the right way to use the guidance of Mind, body and soul for complete freedom and getting what you want for your happiness.
  • Discover the relationship between money,self love and happiness.
  • How to overcome all the fears of failure, success and love.
  • How not to fall into the trap of lonely and unhappy syndrome of most rich people.
  • How to release all the vows of poverty.
  • Experience the journey of releasing all fears through guided meditation and instant shift.


Activation Key #6: Your Alignment with Universesunset rays MGD©

  • Discover what is Intuition and how to rely on it for fastest way to happiness
  • How to protect yourself from energy vampires, who suck your energies and drain you.
  • How your alignment with your souls and higher power is must.
  • How to take decision based on your soul’s purpose and shortening the learning curve.
  • Taking Universe help in getting what you want..
  • How to break patterns of your past-whether it be in this life or any other lives.
  • How to know when your decision is right or wrong.

Guided Meditations and breathing techniques at various stages to clean the energy system and to Activate Self Love