Welcome to the world of Sensitive, Independent Souls!


If you are here on my website then, YOU must be a Sensitive, Independent Person!

This is not a chance that YOU are here!

If you are here then, YOU must be the person

  • Who has seen lots of PAIN in your life
  • Feel lonely because You can’t connect with most people
  • People can’t understand you- you are missing your own community
  • Are unable to say “NO” to others!


It’s really interesting that:

  • YOU are the one who is pillar of strength for others,
  • You are the change maker/difference maker  and
  • YET you are the one who is LONELY!!!
  •  You have always been called STRONG,INDEPENDENT, DYNAMIC!

Does anyone, around you, know “How vulnerable you are inside?”

There is a deep loneliness inside you but on the surface “You are the most cheerful person, who is always ready to help others!”

You are the person who is always the target of other people’s jealousy!

You are the person (according to others) who has everything going for you!

You are the person who is successful in your job/career and has money to spend on anything you want but “What is happening in your internal world, when you are alone with yourself?”

Are you someone who is workalcoholic? Are you workalcoholic by choice or because  you don’t want to be alone with your thoughts?

You are surrounded by people who need you for various reasons BUT I am interested in your needs, Your emotional needs, which doesn’t even occur to anyone around you!

You know, your pain reminds me of story of one very Powerful BULL who was quite big and strong and people were afraid of him!


One Day Bull was badly hurt and he had a big wound as one of his horns got broken. He was in great pain and he was running here and there as the pain was unbearable!


He did not know what to do to get rid of pain-it was searing pain , quite unbearable


What did the public see?

They saw a big Bull who had gone mad and was charging after people.

What did people do?

They started running to save their lives.

There was one person with a gun and he killed that Bull and said “No need to be afraid of mad Bull, everybody is safe now!”


Did anyone pause to see the real truth?

Did anyone try to see if the bull was in pain?


You guessed it right- NO!!!

How could they, when they were afraid of strong Bull?

The way people are in awe of you!

You destiny doesn’t have to be that of “that BULL”



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The VIP One Day Intensive is about helping you to create a clear  and a bold vision of your fun filled life, to bring your unique gifts to the world in a BIG way and to dramatically increase the difference you are here to make… while enjoying every aspect of your life.

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This is VIP Premium Coaching Program for minimum 6 months to one year hand holding where I will literally hold your hand and sail you through to life full of love ,joy and passion.

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“One word to define Smita, She is “outstanding”. First of all, I would like to thanks Smita for giving me training on personality development. I really feel blessed for being taught by her.During the tenure of my training, I started noticing change in myself. My thought process and my approach to see the things differently and my mindset were the key things that has really improved.

The best part of her  training is , every statement she makes deserves billion bucks and is worth to change one’s life and can make them successful. Now, it is one’s ability to collect/gain whatever they can from the unlimited knowledge she posses. ”

-Muneeb HR Manager, Hyderabad


“My life used to get wasted because of my low confidence. I never used to do what I liked just because I was afraid that what people  would think about me.After this session I’ve started believing in  myself n I do that things which I wanna do now. My life has  started seeming beautiful to me.I feel like I’ve wasted some part of  my life in fear of what others would say,but now I’ve started living  my life to the fullest. I’ve started gaining control over my anger.

The entire course is unique.I am literally thankful to Smita Ma’am that she has helped me to find out myself because it was all because of her what I am today. If she wouldn’t have been there for  me then I would have been like lost soul. I would be happy, actually excited to introduce her to others.Its she who make things  unique.

Thank you so very much.. Thank you.!!”

-Shruti Singh, Medical Student, Mumbai